Craving Girl Scout Thin Mints or Girl Guide Chocolate Mint Cookies? Try This Copycat Recipe!

Speed Bump comic - Girl Guide Cookies

Who doesn't like Girl Guide (a.k.a. Girl Scout) cookies?!

If you may recall, a few days ago I had blogged about my newfound love for DavidsTea’s Read My Lips chocolate mint flavored loose leaf black tea… and how it tasted exactly like Girl Guide chocolate mint cookies (or Girl Scouts Thin Mints for you Americans out there).

Of course, blogging about it made me instantly crave the delicious chocolate covered, peppermint-y, crunchy wafer goodness of these Girl Guide cookies. However, I had no idea where to get them! I honestly think it’s been years since I last saw a Girl Guide selling Thin Mint cookies.

Anyway, after a quick check on the official Girl Guides of Canada website, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that October 23, 2010 was officially Cookie Day at Sears.

Canadian Girl Guide chocolate mint cookie box

What's contained inside this box is nothing short of minty chocolate awesomeness.

How coincidental is that? Here I was, craving these cookies and not knowing where I could get my hands on them, only to find out “Cookie Day” would just be 2 days away, and available at a Sears store that’s literally steps away from my apartment!

So yes, I managed to pick up 5 boxes of Girl Guide chocolate mint cookies today at Sears. And I think I made a couple Girl Guides extremely happy along the way (when they had asked how many boxes I’d like to purchase and I said 5, their faces lit up… awww), which felt great. See? It’s a win-win situation!

Girl Guide / Girl Scout Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie copycat recipe

Recreate Girl Guide or Girl Scout chocolate Thin Mint cookies with this copycat recipe!

For those of you who are now also craving Girl Guide chocolate mint cookies after reading my blog posts, but aren’t lucky enough to be able to pick up a box or two at your neighborhood Sears store… don’t fret! I dug up something that might help satisfy that craving.

Here is a copycat recipe that I’ve found on that’s supposed to best recreate Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (i.e. the American “Girl Scouts” version of the Canadian Girl Guide chocolate mint cookies).

I’ve never actually tried this recipe out, so for any of you out there who are planning on giving it a whirl, please contact me by leaving a comment below and let me know how it goes!


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