Recreating Subway’s Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup: Part 3 of My Search for the Ideal Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe!

Natalie Dee comics - it's tough being broccoli ice cream

Poor broccoli... no one likes it, even if it came in the form of ice cream

It’s been a while since I had blogged about my search for the perfect broccoli cheese soup recipe.

If you’ll recall, Part 1 revolved around Martha Stewart’s Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Toasts recipe, while Part 2 showcased a copycat recipe that attempted to recreate Quiznos’ Broccoli Cheese Soup. For those keeping track, so far the Quiznos copycat recipe is winning the race!

Ready for the conclusion of my 3-Part Miniseries covering my search for the perfect broccoli cheese soup?

Welcome to Part 3: Recreating Subway’s Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup!

It features a copycat recipe that apparently comes straight from the horse’s mouth (a.k.a. directly from the Subway restaurant chain itself).

On a forum posting made on the “community” message board of the Taste of Home website, someone was nice enough to post a copycat recipe for Subway’s Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup that apparently comes “straight from Subway Sandwiches.”

Subway Restaurant Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup

The end product that I want to recreate: Subway's Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup

Since recreating Quiznos’ Broccoli Cheese Soup turned out so well in the previous post of my 3-Part Miniseries, I made the decision to give this copycat recipe of Subway’s own Broccoli Cheese Soup a whirl. It didn’t hurt that I had recently been daydreaming about having Subway’s broccoli soup again… Mmmm, yum!

Major differences between Quiznos’ version vs. Subway’s?

The Quiznos soup recipe calls for shredded carrots, and the end product is an extremely cheesy soup with a thick consistency. I was very satisfied with the results from that copycat recipe… it tasted pretty dang similar to the real thing from the restaurant!

On the flip side, the Subway soup recipe didn’t call for carrots, but it did require double the milk (i.e. 2 cups in the Subway recipe, vs. 1 cup of half-and-half as requested in the Quiznos recipe… although should be noted that I ended up substituting milk for the half-and-half in the Quiznos version just to make the soup a bit healthier). The end result was still a pretty cheesy soup, but with a creaminess to it that made it uniquely different from the Quiznos Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Overall, I would say that both of these restaurant copycat soup recipes turned out extremely well. I can definitely see myself recreating either of those soups again and again. Guess that speaks for itself!

So it seems like I can stop my search for the perfect broccoli cheese soup recipe… as I have found it in both Quiznos’ Broccoli Cheese Soup copycat recipe and Subway’s Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup copycat recipe!

Without further ado…

Here is the copycat recipe for Subway Restaurant’s Golden Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Should be noted that I made some major changes. I didn’t want to use bouillon cubes (too salty)… so I opted to replace the requested hot water and bouillon cubes ingredients with equal amounts of no salt-added chicken stock.

Plus, instead of using frozen broccoli, I opted to use one elastic-bound bunch of fresh broccoli. Also, at the end of the directions from the original recipe, there was no mention of blending the soup in a blender in order to puree the broccoli pieces together into a paste. I decided to follow through with blending the soup anyway, much like how I had done with the last two broccoli soups that I had created for Part 1 and 2 of this 3-Part Miniseries.

And that’s it!


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  1. I tried this recipe… I followed it to the T. Don’t know where you got the recipe from, but mine clearly didn’t taste anything like the subway kind. I don’t know what sort of soup they are serving you at a subway, but the ones in San Diego have carrots in theirs, it’s also super thick and creamy with chunks of broccoli. I’ve gone to 4 different Subways in my area they’ve all tasted the same and have come out the same way.

    So while the soup is good (totally added more cheese) It’s not a subway copycat.

    • Hi Zodi,

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m from Canada, so maybe the soup they serve at the Subways here are a bit different? I know that at McDonald’s for example some of the menu items are a bit different in the U.S. vs. up here in Canada… even some of the classic sandwiches like the McChicken. If you stumble across a more accurate copycat recipe of Subway’s broccoli cheese soup, I’d love to try it. Give me a shout and I’ll blog about it.

      Thanks again for reading my blog.

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