Happy Christmas Eve! Me? I’m Grateful to be Celebrating with My Husband, in Our New House, with Our 2 Bunnies

Christmas-themed Link's Awakening comic

Merry Christmas to me! Are you as big a Zelda nerd as myself? Then you might also enjoy this Christmas-themed Link's Awakening (!) comic.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Hope you’re celebrating the holidays with family, friends, and people you love.

This year, I’m grateful to be spending it with my husband (second Christmas as a newlywed!) and in our brand new house (first Christmas as a new homeowner!).

It’s also the first year we have our two adorable bunnies as part of our family, including our brand new “Puppy” bunny… which is, without a doubt, my favorite non-human love of my life right now. I mean, how can you NOT love this thing?

Our brand new Puppy bunny - back when he was a baby

The new addition to our family this year: Our brand new 'Puppy' bunny! Note: This photo was taken when he was still a baby... Aww.

We’ve always had regular straight-eared bunnies (we had 2 Mini Rex rabbits before, and we currently own a Netherland Dwarf rabbit). But in recent months I’ve fallen in love with Holland Lop bunnies. And now that you’ve seen our new Puppy? Surely you can understand why!

So yeah, just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Time to celebrate with family before the mass-shopping spree begins on Boxing Day. More on that to come, but for now… cheers!


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Link's Awakening Christmas comic courtesy of OxygenDeficient.com. Photograph ©2011 Karina of KnittingandPurling.com. Computer graphics edited by the Knitting and Purling blog.

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