Top Ten 2012 Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sales on Discount Handmade One of a Kind Products

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on handmade one of a kind productsAttention all appreciators of everything handcrafted.

It’s time to buy handmade without paying the usual high prices associated with one of a kind goods!

So Thanksgiving holiday weekend here, which means it’s time to ring in the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales on handmade products or custom photo items.

Are you like me, and believe strongly in supporting the buying handmade movement? If so, you’re likely aware that supporting local artists and artisans can be a pricey ordeal.

Although you’re getting impeccably made, handcrafted items (I’m talking handmade handbags, jewelry, fashion accessories, furniture & more!) that are guaranteed to be high in quality and uniquely one of a kind… the extra craftsmanship involved in making these products usually translates to steep price tags.

And that’s why this American Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the perfect time for you to buy handmade, one of a kind goods! It doesn’t matter if you’re supporting U.S. or Canadian one of a kind retailers and solo artisans… this year, you’ll find Black Friday coupon codes or Cyber Monday online deals for discount handcrafted products on both sides of the border!

I’ve decided to compile a list of the top ten best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for shopping at online one of a kind stores.

Also, what about those online retailers that offer custom photo books, albums and other personalized photography gifts? Well, there are Thanksgiving holiday sales at those stores too… and they’re also part of this list.

So here’s to all you fellow supporters of buying handmade… or advocates of creating your own handmade, custom gifts.

Happy shopping!

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