Holy 209 +1s on the Knitting and Purling Blog Google Plus Page, Batman!

Knitting and Purling blog Google Plus screenshot image (209 in circles!)
I’ve been so completely busy with work and life and, well, everything.

As a result, I’ve barely had time to blog (as mentioned in a recent post where I apologized for going on another blog hiatus)… nevermind actively maintain my social media account profiles.

(Note: I know, I’m a horrible blogger! I apologize.)

So when I went to check on my Google+ Page for the Knitting and Purling blog today, and discovered there were two hundred and nine +1′s?

You can imagine my shock!

I was completely caught by surprise, considering when I checked for the first time today, I was only in around 45 people’s circles. Which is a bit embarrassing, ’cause that just shows how much I’ve been neglecting my Google+ Page.

But that’s OK, I’ve made up for it today by sending a quick shout out and thank you to my loyal blog readers and Google+ Page followers. I also went and diligently added as many of them to my Google+ circles. Sorry to anyone out there who I haven’t had the chance to +1, yet!

One last thing. Anyone who has added the official Google+ Page for the Knitting and Purling blog to their circles… I would be beyond grateful if you could also add my personal Google+ user profile as well! Cheers and much thanks in advance if you do.

Well, that’s it for me…

Quick post, I know. But hey, at least I’m trying my best to follow a more regular blogging schedule! Frequent blogging of short blog posts is better than sparsely writing long entries, right?

Once again, thanks for reading,

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