Top 10 Typography Web Resources: Introduction to Font Weekend on the Knitting and Purling Blog!

This weekend? All about my love of fonts!
This gal? She loves all things typographical!

And guess what? Here on the Knitting and Purling blog, this weekend is all about fonts!

As mentioned in a recent blog post, I had already completely revamped this site just before the end of last year with brand new fonts that I had purchased from MyFonts. But I was never fully satisfied with the font choices that I had made.

I’ll elaborate in detail what I mean in an upcoming blog post later this weekend, once I’ve finalized my font choices for real this time (I promise!). But for now? I just wanted to list a few fantastic typographically themed Web resources that I’ve stumbled across throughout my entire font journey!

If you’re the owner of your own blog or website and feel like giving your site design a quick makeover, typographically speaking? Then I strongly recommend checking out these font resources…

As for my adventures in topography? To be continued tomorrow…


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