A Crash Course in Watchery

Top 10 Essential Watch Terms and Definitions Every Timepiece Shopper Must Know

Watch Terminology!

Even Marty McFly needed a watch. Why? ‘Cause he gotta get back in time!

If you haven’t already, you should check out my last blog post on discovering a newfound love for Michael Kors chain link twist bracelet watches (only because this current post that you’re about to read is 100% connected to that previous blog entry).

Are you caught up? Good! Let’s continue…

As a result of my recent shopping trip for the perfect Michael Kors watch, I ended up learning a lot about watches. Actually, I’m quite ashamed at how little I knew before!

Watchmaking diagram

Crowns, crystals & lugs… oh my!

My lack of knowledge of all things watchery definitely made it hard for me to go shopping for a designer watch. I mean, I didn’t even know how much watches were priced on average. So, basic knowledge of the actual components that an average watch is comprised of? Forget about it.

However, being unexpectedly thrown into the wonderful world of watches (thanks to my newfound love affair with Michael Kors chain link watches)… I found myself forced to learn the basics of Watch Shopping and Watchmaking 101.

I had to look up definitions to essential watch terminology, to ensure that I was making the right decisions when shopping for designer watches.

And I figured, if I had to look up these watch terms… maybe there are other timepiece shoppers out there who would also be able to take advantage of this knowledge!

And that’s why I decided to compile this watch glossary of sorts, so other newbie watch buyers out there could also reap the benefits.


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