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Behold, the many sides of me (Karina!)

Behold, the many sides of me (Karina!)

Part 1) Am I Subconsciously in Love with Microsoft Windows 8?

So, guess what I was working on over the weekend?

Let’s just say my newly wiped clean laptop (version 2.0: now with a new hard drive!), what’s left of my image files (the stuff that I actually had backed up, thank God I didn’t lose everything) and Adobe Photoshop had a nice reunion of sorts.

That’s right. I’m finally getting over my digital mourning phase (a.k.a. one of the lowest period in my geek girl life, when my Sony VAIO laptop computer decided to suddenly die a death and ALL of my files that weren’t backed up were completely wiped clean).

The end product? I ended up creating…

A rainbow-colored illustrated guide to the many sides of me (Karina!)

If you’ve had the chance to visit my Knitting and Purling blog navigation guide for new users, then you might be familiar with my multicolor blog categorization system.

Basically I’ve classified different blog topics according to a wide spectrum of rainbow colors:

  • Knitting blog posts are pink
  • Arts and Crafts blog posts are red
  • Food and Cooking blog posts are orange
  • Frugal Living blog posts are yellow
  • Handmade blog posts are lime green
  • Homemaking blog posts are green
  • Everyday Life blog posts are teal
  • Photography blog posts are sky blue
  • Style blog posts are blue
  • Tech Talk blog posts are purple
  • Travel blog posts are violet
  • Exclusive Review blog posts are brown

So when I made the decision to create a collage illustration that would visually depict the multifaceted elements of who I am, it only made sense to adopt the same color coding system as the one that’s currently implemented for my blog categories.

However, it wasn’t until after I had pieced together the collage image that it dawned on me how similar the illustration was to Microsoft’s Windows 8 branded products.

I swear, I didn’t intend to reference, replicate or copy Microsoft’s new branding in any way whatsoever!

It was purely coincidental… because, again, those colors were chosen long before Microsoft’s October 26, 2012 release of their Windows 8 operating system.

And the formatting used for the collage image? Well, I owe much of that to Shindiri Studio’s uSquare Universal Responsive Grid for WordPress plugin that I had downloaded from CodeCanyon… a code marketplace filled to the brim with premium WordPress goodies that’ll make any geek girl or boy drool!

(Note: More coverage on that premium WordPress gallery plugin to come in a future blog post.)

Hmmmmm… I’ve never actually thought about this, but maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Perhaps I have a secret desire to purchase a Microsoft Windows 8 powered tech gadget? Which would be weird, because that’s definitely not something I’m actively coveting. I really should look into that.

Microsoft Windows 8 products collage image

Microsoft Windows phones & Surface tablets, oh my (I’m on a collage-designing roll today, apparently!).

But I digress. Back to the original topic at hand: My new “About Karina” bio collage images!

Part 2) Web Design Fun with Collages

Like I was saying earlier, I had spent the past weekend working on compiling a collage illustration that visually depicted the many sides of me (Karina!). I thought a collage would be fitting, seeing how I have more hobbies and dabble in more leisure activities than you can count on your fingers.

Anyway, I’ve incorporated it into the newly revamped Knitting and Purling blog homepage. Check it out below…

Knitting and Purling Blog home page screenshot image

(Note: And those Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland illustrations? Those are new, too! They’re cute, aren’t they?)

Part 3) Cheat Sheet to Top Google+, Twitter & Facebook Image Size Dimensions Every Social Media User Must Know

Now, this time around I really covered my bases when it came to rolling out my new “About Karina” collage across all major social media networking websites.

I’m talking The. Big. Three. (i.e. Google+, Facebook and Twitter)

Have you created a custom cover photo for your Facebook or Twitter profile in recent weeks (or past couple of months, depending on which social network we’re talking about)? Then you’re likely aware of the new image size changes that have been “cropping up” (pun intended!) across the top three social activity hubs.

If you’re unaware there have been new social photo dimension changes, that’s OK. Trust me, I know it’s hard to keep up with constantly evolving changes on the World Wide Web.

This is especially true when it comes to social media, where things move at a speed so fast (oftentimes turning around 180° or even a full 360° at the drop of a dime!) you’re guaranteed to get whiplash unless you keep up with the latest updates on a consistent, regular basis. I’m talking weekly, even daily.

The social world simply operates at a much faster pace, period.

And I’ll be the first to stand up and admit to being guilty. Of what? Simply put, my sheer inability to keep up with the social world… despite working in the Internet marketing industry (I know. The irony, eh?).

I don’t need a doctor to give me an official diagnosis to know I suffer from “Inability-to-Catch-up-to-the-Pace-of-Social-Technology” (ItCuttPoST) Syndrome.

(Note: OK, in case you were wondering… yes, I just made that up. There is no such thing as ItCuttPoST syndrome.)

So let’s just say I’m rather pleased with myself this week for finally getting my act in gear and updating the layout of my social media accounts to conform to the newest image dimension changes (not trying to brag, it’s just been a looooong time coming!).

Check out the screenshot images below of my newly revamped Google+, Facebook and Twitter social media profiles!

They all feature variations of my brand spanking new “About Karina” bio collage as new cover photos. Should be noted I had to custom design a unique cover image for each social network, since the picture size limitations varied from site to site.

As a useful resource guide for any and all busy social media user bees out there who have stumbled across this blog post, I’ve compiled for you a checklist of essential Google+, Facebook and Twitter picture dimensions that every Web user or blogger must know.

Think of it as a “social media image sizing cheat sheet,” if you will.

Hopefully this blog post will give you the motivation (and the correct image size dimensions!) you need to update the cover photos of your own social profiles, just like I had this past weekend.


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