About Karina, the Blogger

About the Blogger
/əˈbout THē bläggər/

  1. A biographical document connected to the World Wide Web on the subject of the blogger behind a particular blog website.
“Learn about the blogger for the Knitting and Purling blog, Karina, as a die hard knitter, arts & crafts lover and buy handmade supporter, geek girl, Asian cuisine foodie & home cook, stylishly domestic homemaker and travelholic globetrotter!”
About Karina blogger for the Knitting and Purling blog

Hello, and welcome to the Knitting and Purling blog!

Things you gotta know about me? My name is Karina, and I’m the blogger behind the Knitting and Purling blog.

First off, I live and breathe arts and crafts (especially knitting, but also jewelry making, scrapbooking and photography!).

Secondly, I have a penchant for all things domestic… from cooking and baking to gardening, and from general homemaking to interior design. Just think of me as a younger, mini version of Martha Stewart (whom I adore, by the way)!

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About Karina, blogger for the Knitting and Purling blog

And lastly, I love to shop. Period.

I definitely have under my belt heavy duty experience in both offline and online shopping… especially when it comes to buying beauty products, shoes, handbags and other fashion apparel.

I also strongly believe in buying handmade whenever possible, including supporting local artisans at every (and I mean every!) one of a kind show or craft fair that passes through my hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nothing makes me happier than purchasing one of a kind clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, home furnishings, and more.

Which is why I’m also a one of a kind jewelry designer and shop owner of the official Knitting and Purling store. Visit the online store to shop handmade geeky gifts for computer nerds.

But just ’cause I’m a gal who loves to shop, doesn’t mean I’m a fan of splurging my hard earned cash! Follow my blog for frugal money saving tips and tricks on how to lead a frugal lifestyle.

Oh, and P.S… to truly round up a description of my characteristics, you’ll need to throw in…

  • A dash of computer geekery
    • I’m a proud 100% nerdy girl, through and through!
    • This includes a love for all things SEO (Researching keywords? Dissecting crawl errors? That’s my kind of tech talk!)
  • A sprinkle of travelholism
    • Globe trekking? Road tripping? City hopping? This globetrotter has done them all!
  • …And a love affair with photography
    • I’m a proud amateur shutterbug who likes hoarding cameras (DSLRs? Interchangeable lens cameras? Got myself 2 of each… not to mention a half dozen point & shoots)

And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell! Thanks for reading all about moi.

Want to be friends? I love connecting with new people online… especially those who share the same interests as me. Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at info@knittingandpurling.com if you want to exchange blogroll links, network, exchange guest blog posts, etc.


About Karina - SEO is a kind of yarn for knitting comic

The best comic, EVER... it involves my love of knitting and SEO!

Want to Know More About Karina? Then By All Means, Keep Reading…

Comic courtesy of SEOmoz.org. Photograph ©2010 Karina of KnittingandPurling.com. Stock images used with permission under license agreement. Computer graphics edited by the Knitting and Purling blog.


  1. jane mackay says:

    I want to place an international order from your store to our store in Australia.I want to know if you can ship internationally and accept credit card as a form of payment?.
    Eagerly await to read back from you and we can proceed.
    Thank you and God bless you.
    Mrs mackay.

    • Hi Jane!

      You can absolutely place an international order from my store. How big of an order were you thinking? Are you planning on selling my items at your store? I can cater to custom requests, so if you could give me more information as to what you would like to buy, how many items, etc. I’ll try my best to accommodate. And credit card payments can be made through PayPal… does that work for you?

      Feel free to reply back to this comment, or email me at info@knittingandpurling.com.

      Thanks for your interest, and cheers!

  2. Cute Blog!

    • Hi Nicole!

      Sorry for the super delayed reply, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging recently. But thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment!


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