About Karina, the Craftsperson and Local Artisan

About the Craftsperson
/əˈbout THē ˈkraf(t)sˌpərsən/

  1. A biographical document connected to the World Wide Web on the subject of a person who is skilled in particular craft hobbies, especially those that involve making things by hand.
“Learn about craftsperson and local artisan in Karina, blogger for the Knitting and Purling blog and a die hard knitter who also ❤s to do dabble in arts and crafts of all types.”
Hello, Karina here.

When I first started the Knitting and Purling blog, I only intended to blog about my knitting escapades, as I journeyed through adventures in handspun art yarns and glamorous sweater patterns. But I soon discovered being a knitter was only one small part of being a general, all-around craftsperson!

Want to know more?

Natalie Dee comics - handmade gifts from Etsy

Yes, you should always buy handmade gifts from Etsy… especially from my own personal KnittingNPurling Etsy store!

A) The All-Around, General Craftsperson

I’ve been into arts and crafts for as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid, it was all about making gimp or embroidery thread friendship bracelets, stringing necklaces with plastic beads, creating animal critters out of modeling clay or plaster, custom painting unfinished wooden picture frames for gifts… rug making, cross stitching, mural painting… you name it, and I’ve tackled it!

While I may be all grown up, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up my love of crafts. Far from it. If anything, I’ve just transformed into a more evolvedcrafter.” Instead of dabbling in a little of anything, I’ve grown to love certain crafts more so than others.

B) The Jewelry Designer

I got really into jewelry making in early 2010, and even crossed a few milestones. Things I can cross off my list? Selling my handmade jewelry at a local Toronto shop that specialized in offering custom-made items from local artisans. Starting my own ConigliVerdi Etsy store to sell handmade mixed-media semi-precious stone & ribbon necklace, gemstone charm bracelets, origami lucky star jewelry, and more.

Screenshot image of my KnittingNPurling Etsy store

Shop handmade geeky gifts for computer nerds at my KnittingNPurling Etsy store!

I had originally started that Etsy shop to raise money for my wedding in Florence, Italy… and the trip I became too swamped to maintain it and keep it running. Well now I’m back, with a vengeance!

Introducing my new Etsy store, along with my official Knitting and Purling store. Both are brand new shops that I had started recently to focus specifically on selling my handmade geek gifts for computer nerds. From geeky rings and necklaces made out of computer keyboard keys to wire wrapped name necklaces that spell Internet tech terms in cursive letters… everything was made with love to specifically target nerdy girls and boys (because, hey… we need lovin’ too!).

C) The Scrapbooker

Scrabooking became my newest fave hobby after my European wedding & honeymoon trip in May 2010. Since my return, I’ve basically bought out the entire stock of scrapbooking supplies at Michaels, JoAnn, and Archiver’s… including a Personal Electronic Cutter Machine and a slew of cartridges from Cricut, a Die Cutter and Embosser Machine plus a bunch of cutting dies and embossing plates by Cuttlebug, enough craft punches by Martha Stewart Crafts or EK Tools to line up several tower rods across the wall of my new craft room (that’s right, I love arts and crafts so much I turned one of my three bedrooms at our newly purchased house into housing nothing BUT my craft stuff!), piles and piles and piles of decorative scrapbook paper and scrapbooking albums… and lots more.

D) The Future Seamstress

Sewing is something I’m currently discovering. Ever since I became obsessed with watching Project Runway, I’ve dreamed of becoming a skilled seamstress… creating my own home decor items, clothing, handbags, and more! I’m equipped with my mom’s old sewing machine, two dress forms, and a dresser full of fabrics purchased at Project Runway hotspot Mood Designer Fabrics (from my January 2011 trip to New York City when I was there for the Vogue Knitting LIVE! conference). Look for custom sewn handmade geeky gifts to be sold at my Etsy shop and official Knitting and Purling store in the near future!

Natalie Dee comics - will knit for tattoos

I’ll do anything to keep knitting in life… although maybe not in exchange for tattoos! I guess I’m not THAT hardcore…

E) The Knitter

Although I go through life trying to juggle between multiple craft roles, at the end of the day knitting will always be (and always have been!) my one true love.

My love of knitting started when I was quite young. In fact, I’ve been cranking out scarves, sweaters, hats, and jackets since grade school.

I’ve attended my share of knitting conventions. In total, I’ve likely splurged thousands of dollars on yarn, knitting books/magazines/patterns, and knitting needles over the years. Starting new knitting projects and decoding complicated knitting patterns always make me giddy (…don’t even get me started on how I feel about working with new yarns for the first time!). And like any typical hardcore knitter, I have dozens of half-finished knitting projects lying around, just waiting to be completed.

Does this sound like you? If you’re a fellow appreciator of exquisite yarns and enjoy decoding complex knitting patterns as much as I do, then I welcome you to join me in my “knit“-ventures!

Thanks & cheers,

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