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Dick Blick Art Supplies Store Online: Home of Fine Artist Materials and Craft Products!

Dick Blick Art Materials online store website screenshot image

Guess what? That's right... It's once again time for another "showcased arts and crafts store" blog post! And as always, it's part of an exclusive series found only on the Knitting and Purling blog. Before I go any further with this art store spotlight blog post, let me just start off by … [Read more...]

Knitting Supplies (Needles, Yarns, Other Tools) Needed to Start My Vogue Knitting Calendar Quilt Project

Knitting supplies needed to start my Vogue Knitting Stitch-a-Day Calendar quilt knitting project

So I started my Vogue Knitting Stitch-a-Day 2011 Calendar quilt project back in the beginning of January... and for the first month or so I did a pretty good job keeping up with my plan of knitting an 8" x 8" square swatch of each "knitting pattern of the day" from the calendar (towards the goal of … [Read more...]

New Michaels Store = New Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles (Yum!)

Clover Takumi size US 13 9mm circular bamboo knitting needles

So this past August, my husband and I officially made the move away from living in downtown Toronto. Don't get me wrong... everything about the move was great. Shorter commute to work, much larger living space, and just a general sense of greater convenience, ironically enough (you'd be surprised, … [Read more...]