Authentic Hong Kong Style Café Recipes

Hong Kong Style Café Recipes
/ˈhäNG ˈkäNG stīl ka-ˈfā ˈresəˌpēs/
plural noun

  1. Sets of instructions and lists of ingredients required to cook particular signature Hong Kong café food dishes, such as egg tarts, "eggette" puff waffles, thick slicked peanut butter French toast or cheesy baked ground beef spaghetti.
The Knitting and Purling blog follows the life of an Asian foodie who ❤s discovering recipes of all types, including authentic Hong Kong style café recipes that recreate popular menu items typically found at every HK-style restaurant.

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You'll find below a list of all authentic Hong Kong style café fast food recipes... ones that I've chosen to showcase on the Knitting and Purling blog.

Interested in bringing the taste of Hong Kong home to your household?

Want to learn how to cook Hong Kong style cuisine menu items from scratch, including HK style egg tarts, "eggettes" (i.e. the spherical/ball/puff/bubble waffles that are popular snacks sold by Hong Kong street vendors), "cheong fun" steamed rice noodle rolls, popular Hong Kong style breakfast foods like macaroni soup with ham or instant noodles with egg and luncheon meat, HK style thick sliced peanut butter French toast, cheesy tomato sauce baked pork chops on rice, and baked cheesy ground beef spaghetti?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you're at the right place!

I myself am a Chinese Canadian, born in the Cantonese-speaking region of Hong Kong. Although I had moved from Asia at the young age of 5, nevertheless I grew up all through my childhood (and up to present day!) in Toronto, Canada... one of the most multicultural cities in North America, and home to one of the biggest Cantonese Chinese communities outside of Hong Kong and China.

So while I may not actually live in Hong Kong, I'm definitely no stranger to HK style foods... 'cause I eat at Hong Kong style cafes all the time in Toronto! And that's why I'm constantly striving to recreate the traditional Hong Kong style café menu items I know and love. You'll find those recipes here on this page!

More Hong Kong style café fast food recipes will be added to this page all the time, so please feel free to check back regularly.


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