Authentic Macanese Recipes

Macanese Recipes
/ˌmakəˈnēz ˈresəˌpēs/
plural noun

  1. Sets of instructions and lists of ingredients required to cook particular traditional Macanese cuisine food dishes, from pork chop buns to egg tarts (all of which are influenced heavily by both southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines).
The Knitting and Purling blog follows the life of an Asian foodie who ❤s discovering recipes of all types, including authentic Macanese recipes that recreate popular restaurant menu items and food dishes from Macau.

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Interested in bringing the taste of Macau home to your household?

Want to cook traditional Macanese dishes like Galinha à Africana (a.k.a. African Chicken) or Galinha à Portuguesa (a.k.a. Portuguese Chicken)? Interested in recreating one of Macau's many signature desserts, including Pastel de Nata Portuguese egg tart pastries, ginger milk curd pudding, almond cake biscuits or classic Macanese egg rolls? And of course, who can forget Macau's famous pork chop buns?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you're at the right place!

Macanese menu items are heavily influenced by a variety of cultures... both Asian and European.

There's the obvious influence from southeast Asian cuisines like the foods of southern China... purely due to the geographical location of Macau as a Special Administrative Region situated along the southern coastline of China. But there's also a heavy influence of Portuguese cuisine in signature Macanese dishes.

Why? Because Macau was once a Portuguese colony! Wives of Portuguese sailors used to cook European dishes that they knew and loved while stationed in Macau, and inevitably the spice blends from such Portuguese dishes would make their way through to the signature foods of Macau.

I myself am a Chinese Canadian, born in Hong Kong... China's other Special Administrative Region outside of Macau.

Although I'm not a native to Macau, Hong Kong is an island that's located practically next door (they're practically neighbors!). As you can imagine, there are definitely overlapping influences between Hong Kong style dishes and Macanese cuisine.

But I guess more importantly, I've actually been to Macau... and even had the chance to eat authentic Macanese meals! Trust me when I say, the foods of Macau are truly unique in every way... where else will you be able to find a cuisine that's so heavily influenced by both Asian and European cultures?

And it's because of my appreciation of Macanese cuisine that prompted me to find recipes that would recreate the traditional Macanese meals that I know and love. And you'll find those recipes here on this page.

More Macanese recipes will be added to this page all the time, so please feel free to check back regularly.


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