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Knit·ting Pat·terns and Stitches Li·brar·y Blog Sub·cat·e·go·ry
/ˈnitiNG ˈpatərns and stiCHes ˈlīˌbrerē bläg ˈsəbˌkatəˌgôrē/
noun: A blog subcategory featuring a free library collection of different knitting patterns of all types, including basic, fancy, reversible, cable and lace knitting stitches!

Welcome to the ultimate free knitting stitch library!

Discover a blog collection of different knitting stitches of all types and varieties, amassed by a truly die hard knitter with a passion for knitting patterns so intense, it’s near OCD-level!

These blog posts are part of a knitting pattern spotlight blog series that can only be found on the Knitting and Purling blog.

For every knitting pattern showcased in the library collection, you’ll find information regarding…

  • …which knitting stitch group it belongs in (rib stiches, cable stitches, eyelet & lace stitches, oh my!)
  • …the number of yarn colors required (if it’s a fair isle or other multicolor knitting pattern)
  • …the number of stitches or rows in each multiple/repeat (as called for in the pattern)
  • and more!

I’ve also included illustrated guides on how to knit some of these knitting patterns and stitches, with photographs documenting my progress as I knit a sample swatch for the given knitting stitch type.

More knitting patterns and stitches will be added to this blog library all the time, so please feel free to check back regularly!

Cheeers & enjoy,

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