Ran·dom! Blog Sub·cat·e·go·ry
/ˈrandəm bläg ˈsəbˌkatəˌgôrē/
noun: A blog subcategory featuring posts on completely random & miscellaneous topics! Read blog entries on subject matters that have nothing to do with knitting, crafts, shopping handmade, frugal living, photography, style, geekery, travel, cooking or being domestic in any way.

Welcome to the random section of the Knitting and Purling blog.

What exactly is covered in this so-called random section, you ask? Well, let’s just say any posts featuring subject matters that have nothing to do with the other main blog categories of this website will be listed below (those categories being anything to do with knitting, crafts, food, being frugal, shopping handmade, homemaking, photography, style, tech talk, travel… basically anything that’s listed above in the header navigation section).

Be forewarned: Everything is unexpected!

More random blog posts are added all the time, so tune back regularly for updates.


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